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Hearing tests in Hartlepool

We provide a complete audiology service that includes free hearing tests carried out by a trained professional at our practice in Hartlepool. These tests allow us to diagnose hearing loss so we can provide devices and treatments to improve your quality of life. They include a complete assessment of your hearing and you will always have plenty of time to discuss any symptoms you are experiencing with our expert audiologist.

Hearing Test For Elderly Couple

Wax removal

One of the easiest ways to improve your hearing is through wax removal. Ear wax buildup is one of the most common causes of hearing loss and can be corrected through a simple and noninvasive procedure. Our wax removal is carried out by a trained audiologist and only takes 15 minutes.

Wax Removal
Granmonther Reading to Granchild

Hearing device aftercare

We understand that when you start using a hearing aid you want to be confident that it is working correctly and is still the right choice for your hearing profile. Our aftercare appointments are designed to do just that. An audiologist will check up on your hearing and assess the aid to make sure that it is still the best choice for you. We leave plenty of time for our appointments so you can always ask about any symptoms or difficulties you are experiencing.

Our Audiologist



After starting as an optical apprentice at the age of 16 I quickly found my love for audiology and became a HCA, moving on to complete my degree as a hearing aid dispenser. I have worked for both NHS and private. In more recent years I have focussed on solely private hearing care. The pace of work privately allows us to spend all the time we need with our patients to ensure the most premium and quality service is provided. My main focus is always my patient, I get great pleasure from helping people.


Health and personal


Outside of work I am very family orientated and spend all of my time with my partner, friends and family. I have recently started going to a bootcamp which has given me some focus outside of work to do something for myself.

Chloe Browne
Timlins Audiologist - Chloe Browne
Man After Hearing Test
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