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Eye examinations

Most people only think of eye examinations as a way to check up on your vision, but they can also help catch serious conditions that affect your eye health. If eye conditions are not diagnosed and treated promptly they can damage your sight and your general health. Our eye examinations are designed to thoroughly test your vision and screen for eye conditions so you can be confident that your eyes are in good shape.

Eye examinations

Looking after your eye health

Taking care of your eyes can mean anything from coming in for an eye examination to eating healthy foods. As an independent practice, we aim to provide personalised and helpful advice to all our patients so they can care for their eyes every day. When you visit our practice, we encourage you to ask any questions you have about your eye health and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

Eye Health Check
Eye Exam Machine

What to expect in your eye examination?

Our eye examinations offer a complete health check for your eyes. Using the latest technology, we’ll assess your vision to see if you require any type of correction and look for eye conditions that could affect your sight and general health. The examination will also involve some questions about your medical status and family history of eye conditions to help your optometrist create a complete evaluation of your eye health.

Enhanced eye examinations with OCT

Our practice is well-equipped with the latest eye testing technology. This includes OCT, which is a type of scanner used to examine the backs of your eyes. This allows your optometrist to examine much more of your eyes and look out for sight-threatening conditions. OCT is available for everyone but is particularly recommended if you are experiencing symptoms or are over the age of 60.

OCT scan showing macula.jpg
Dry Eyes
Dry eye clinic

Dry eye is an extremely common eye condition that causes significant discomfort. Our dry eye clinic is designed to examine the specific cause of a particular case of dry eye so we can recommend the best treatment available. We offer assessments that test for various causes of dry eye so we can find long-term solutions for our patients.

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