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Children's eyecare

Eye care is essential to safeguarding children’s visual development and supporting their academic life. If your child is dealing with an eye condition or vision loss, you can be confident that we will provide them with the best care and vision correction available. As with all our services, our eye care for children is personalised so whether your child is looking for a new pair of glasses or treating an eye condition, we will always consider their individual needs.

Childrens Eye Exam

Kid's eye tests

Because children often don’t know they’re experiencing a problem with their vision, having their eyes tested regularly is vital to keep their eyes healthy and their vision clear. Diagnosing the problem early means it can be treated more easily and effectively. Our optometrists understand that children have special eye care needs and always make sure eye tests are as comfortable and simple as possible. Eye tests are also completely free for kids under 16 and teens under 19 in full-time education.

Little Boy Having An Eye Test
Glasses For Children

Glasses for children

We are specialists in fitting glasses for children – our mission is to make sure every child gets a pair that they’re happy with. All our lenses and frames are made from quality materials and designs, so whatever choice your child makes you can be confident that their glasses will be up to scratch.

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